Rules and Guidelines

Community Rules & Guidelines

Quiet Hours

To preserve a calm and nice environment, we mark silent hours from 10 PM to 7 AM when loud noises, music, and any other disturbing activities need to be minimized. This means that a peaceable and sleep-friendly atmosphere is given to all residents.

Waste Disposal

Comprehensive waste disposal is critical to achieving an unpolluted and sanitary environment. We ask all residents to ensure that they put their household waste into provided storage areas and to recycle as much as possible when and wherever possible. Waste pollution such as littering or poor waste disposal will not be permitted.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Homeowners contribute to the cleanliness and well-being of their community by keeping their homes and surroundings well-maintained. This encompasses routine lawn mowing, pruning of shrubs and trees, and ensuring the house appearance remains in excellent condition.

Respect for Neighbors

Respectful and courteous behavior should be demonstrated in all situations to neighbors. This includes not doing anything that you should not do, like loud or disruptive behavior, refraining from invading other people’s private space, and allowing others to raise any concerns or issues peacefully and constructively.

Safety and Security

Illegal or harmful activities carry a risk on your own as well as on others within the park premises for which reason we prohibit them. People should promptly tell patrol units about any suspicious and potentially problematic behavior to the park’s administration.

Pet Ownership

Our community is pet friendly (some restrictions apply). You should have no problems bringing your well-behaved pets here, however, all pet owners should observe responsible pet ownership practices. This would include picking up after their animals, keeping the leash in check while walking, and not letting their dog bark or behave aggressively to the extent of distributing other people.

Vehicle Parking

Access and safety have become our priorities. Hence, we create special parking zones for residents and guests. Vehicles must be confined to this parking zone; no other cars should be parked there or they risk blocking traffic and making it harder for emergency vehicles to pass.

Community Involvement

We ask all residents to attend community events and gatherings as well as participate in team sports and other activities to ensure the residents feel involved and have an opportunity to interact with each other. Volunteer work and community service will be made available to those who are interested in joining us in the task of rehabilitating our park or other engaged projects.

Guest Policy

Visitors should be kept in check and supervised to ensure that they behave properly and do not break any park rules while on the park grounds. Guests must know and abide by all the park’s rules and regulations so that visitors can have a tension-free and pleasurable time.

Compliance with Park Management

All residents must cooperate with such directions and requests by the park management which are the vendors in facilitating the processes of running and maintaining the community.

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