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About Us

We are proud that Garden Gate is a family-owned and operated business that treasures the feeling of community built on the values of inclusion for all our fellow residents. We indulge our overwhelming dedication to offering superior service ensuring each person in our community is part of the family through our park’s extension.

Established to provide affordable housing solutions without the loss of quality and comfort, Garden Gate has a host of various people officially classified as families, retirees, and individuals belonging to all categories of society. The fact that we are in the essential amenities and within proximity to shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, and educational institutions is an assurance to our residents that all their needed conveniences for a wholesome existence are available.

Indisputably, we as a community have a small team, which strives nonstop to attain the optimal levels of cleanliness, safety, and hospitality! We desire to create an environment whereby every resident is given respect and honor and has their voices taken seriously so that they can bond forming robust ties with their neighbors.

Our Mission

In Garden Gate Mobile Home Park, our goal is to offer a home space that guarantees security and economic affordability to all individuals and family members of different ages; to induce and solidify a great sense of togetherness and commonality among our residents.

Our mission encompasses the following key elements:

  • A sustained commitment to increase the quality and value of housing stock at prices other homeowners can afford.
  • Guaranteeing a risk-free and security-conscious environment through diligent maintenance and security measures
  • Providing a conducive atmosphere that respects diversity and culture.
  • Organizing social events and community activities to improve the social networks of residents.
  • Delivering exceptional customer service and addressing residents’ concerns promptly and effectively
  • Improving our facilities and amenities to enhance the overall living experience

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Welcome to Garden Gate Mobile Home Parkā€”here is where you get your serene haven, where you connect, and thrive.